Vic Oh was born in 1989 and is a self-taught visual artist.

She wishes through her practice to insert magic into people’s daily life and offer them empowered totems and charms of protection. As a visionnary artist, she looks for the spiritual elevation of her viewers.
Her works are inspired by Ancient cultures and traditions, mostly from Latin-America, the continent where she grew up.
She plays with those Ancient symbols and gives them a more popular and contemporary touch.

She mainly works with painting, drawing and graphic arts. The meticulous lines of her organic details allow her to enter a trance, a space of sweet yet obsessive concentration where drawing becomes a meditative path.

Unable to relate to a single culture, her works talk about the Cosmos – the origin of all living beings – and about the force that it sheds into our lives. For her, Space is the only place where all beings are connected, without any difference between species, gender, race or religion.

Her Abstract Symbolism aims to create new archetypes understandable by all. Working with abstract and symbolic art allows her to be more universal; as laughter, they know no language boundaries.

Strongly infuenced by Magical Surrealism, women take an important part of her geometrical compositions as the Creator, the Onirical, the Magician.

Oh adresses all: those who have fate, those who don’t, those looking for one, those who are lost, those who want more strength, those who are dreamers, those who feel they belong to the whole world, those who are believers or cartesians, whether they live in Paris, Guadalajara, or Osaka. She wants to create a universal language, building the first stories of a new Babel tower, where all cultures can gather and realize we all come from the same place.

She now lives in Paris.

brujita mural

Mural work at 59 Rivoli Art Residencies – Paris